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A World of Tricksters

154 internatiional stories

Foreword by Bairbre Ní Fhloinn

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There can never be enough books about tricksters. Richard Marsh is one of the most meticulous researchers and most enthusiastic storytellers I know; kind of a trickster himself. He gathers some rare stories in this book, revealing the amazing diversity of trickster characters around the world, with a special focus on Irish trickery.

Richard Marsh's wide knowledge of world folklore gives us a wonderful collection of tales of trickery. Every lover of storytelling should have this book.

Hellhounds and Hero Horses

Beasts of Myth and Legend

245 international stories

Foreword by Csenge Zalka

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Richard Marsh dove deep into the treasure trove of legend and lore to assemble this collection. He is the most meticulous researcher I know, undaunted by nearly inaccessible sources or language barriers. He chases down leads like a hunting dog, gathers information like a worker bee, and treasures rare stories like a clever magpie. His enthusiasm and collecting fervor shows through his work. Each story comes with information of its origins and significance woven through its fabric – the mark of the storyteller who doesn’t only research and respect stories, but also takes great enjoyment in sharing them. We are the fortunate audience of someone who can open up a treasure chest at any moment, and spill the gems of ages and continents at our feet.

Marsh always earns your respect and admiration. He brings decades of learning at two levels. He always has done his homework with the received knowledge in libraries. But his perspective is widened with on-the-ground observation, constantly revisiting sites that inspired. Deeply pleased that his new work has been made available.

Extraordinary Beasts

Print edition only ISBN: 978-0-915330-19-5
A5 paperback
205 stories
248 pages

This is a Young Adult version of Hellhounds, without the more "adult" pieces.

12 euros

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Irish King and Hero Tales

ISBN 978-0-9557568-2-5
A5 paperback 160 pages

Foreword by James MacKillop

Available directly from Richard Marsh
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"Blood, guts, sex and fun. A must-have for any fan of Celtic or Irish mythology. ... Marsh does an amazing job adapting stories from ancient Irish manuscripts into entertaining contemporary language."
Amazon customer review 20 March 2012

There is a bit of foxfire in Richard Marsh’s new book. Picking up a collection of Irish folktales from Richard Marsh always takes you deeper into a world that is far more diverse and complicated than you might believe, different from what is passed off in main-stream media as “Irish” storytelling.

In his book, “Irish King and Hero Tales,” Richard shares stories that might not be so familiar to the casual student of Irish legends. Depth is the value of this book. If you are looking for a series of quick stories you can tell at the “pub,” this is not your book. However, if you want to roll about in substance, blending a mix of folklore and history with merging boundaries, get this book.

Do not let us intimidate you into thinking that the text might be all academic. You will still get the grandness of Irish tales as you want them. You’ll find out what “foxfire” is, discover heroes so large that wolves are in their wounds and see arms hanging by sinews. You will know the tales of strong women who decide which men, if any, get her love and the imaginative power of “three steps” to safety that fills this volume of tales.

The book contains a mix of actual legends and stories along with good notes, reference and bibliography. If you are a student of story, these notes alone are worth the price of the book.
Staff at Storyteller.net 22 January 2013

Historical Legends

Conaire the Great
The Champion’s Portion (The Feast of Bricriu)
The Bórama (The Cattle Tribute)
The Saga of Maelodrán
The Spear of Maelodrán and the Spear of Belach Durgein
Robert Bruce and the Spider
The Red Hand of Ulster
The Battle Goddess of Clan Turlough

Fionn mac Cumhaill and the Fianna

The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne
Éachtach’s Revenge
Fionn’s Shield
How Diarmuid Got His Love Spot
The Death of Fionn
Caoilte Laments the Passing of the Fianna


Spanish and Basque Legends

A People’s Chronicle from Prehistory to the 21st Century

76 stories featuring the three most significant medieval historical legends:

El Cid
Fernán González
The Seven Princes of Lara

ISBN 0-9557568-1-2 / 978-0-9557568-1-8

Foreword by Pilar Alderete-Diez

A5 paperback with photos

Available from Richard Marsh
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Tales of the Wicklow Hills

2000 years of history, myth, legend and local stories

ISBN 978-0-9557568-0-1
A5 paperback, 96 pages plus 8 pages colour photos

Foreword by Dáithí Ó hÓgáin

November 2007
Second printing May 2008

By mail order from Kennys Bookshop, Galway.

Available from most shops or directly from Richard Marsh

10 euros (plus 2.50 postage Ireland North and South; 4.50 elsewhere)
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Distributed in North America by Syracuse University Press, USA.

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